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The Sybtools project grew out of a need to have a useful set of tools for working with Sybase ASE servers in a Linux environment. While I am certainly a big fan of isql and sqsh, I did see some value in the GUI programs my colleagues use (DBArtisan, et. al.).

I don't like the approach of making the tool so smart that the DBA doesn't have to know the system stored procedures or the basic commands. Given this, you will find that my tools provide a very basic interface. I prefer to focus on adding features which don't duplicate those found in the system procedures.


Sybwiz is a GUI database client for Sybase, written in perl using the Tk widget set. It supports working with multiple servers and databases at a time. A SQL editor is provided with the ability to set many options at the time you submit the code (such as checking query plans, io or time statistics, column separators, etc.).

Currently, sybwiz is at version 1.0 (finally!). I don't consider the project done though. There are many other features to implement and code to clean up.


Procmon is a GUI application for monitoring the health of processes in a Sybase ASE server. It currently only works against a single server. It supports "drilling down" on a process to see the locks being held. You can also set timed updates and kill processes interactively.

Currently, procmon is in a useable mode. It is unstable for a couple of reasons. First, there are a couple of minor bugs I'm hunting in the Column widgets. Second, I'm not sure I'm done adding features to the code. I would welcome any input in working with these portions of the code or testing it.


The latest release is sybwiz-1.0. This incorporates a few new features and bug fixes into the basic tool and includes a better procmon. If you get this release, you do not need to get the procmon release separately as it is included.

Sybwiz and procmon have several dependencies, all of which must be met before you can use them. You can get the appropriate perl modules at CPAN.

You will need the following perl modules:

  1. Tk800.022 or better
  2. Tk-Contrib-0.07 or better
  3. Tk-FileDialog-1.3
  4. Tk-DKW-0.03 or better
  5. Tk-GBARR-2.03 or better
  6. Sybperl 2.09-05 or better

Warren L. Rutledge
Last modified: Saturday Feb 3 13:30 MDT 2001